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Bounce Houses for Rent

Instantly transform any event into one they'll be talking about for years to come! Inflatable bounce houses are great for letting some energy flow out. Perfect for Graduations, backyard BBQs and birthday parties, company events, festivals, church and school events, family reunions, and more! Accomplish a happy crowd with a bounce house from Main Event Party Rentals!
Professional delivery to Moscow Mills MO and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

Hey there! Are you planning a party or event and want to inject some serious fun into the mix? Look no further than bounce houses rentals! These inflatable wonders are the life of the party, offering endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. Whether it's a birthday bash, a family reunion, or a community event, bounce houses add that extra spark that keeps everyone smiling and bouncing all day long. Also check out our Inflatable Combos!

Key Features:

Endless Choices: From classic castle designs to themed wonders featuring beloved characters, bounce house rentals come in all shapes, sizes, and themes to match your event's vibe perfectly.

Safety First: Don't worry about safety – these bounce houses are designed with reinforced seams, anchor points, and durable materials to ensure everyone has a blast without any worries.

Hassle-Free Setup: Let the rental pros handle the setup and takedown while you focus on enjoying the party. It's easy-peasy and saves you time and effort!

Make It Yours: Want to add a personal touch? Ask us about customization options, so you can deck out your bounce house with banners or logos for that extra wow factor.

Delivery and Maintenance: Sit back and relax – We handle the delivery, setup, and maintenance, so you can enjoy the day without any stress about logistics or upkeep.

Safety Tips For Your Event:

  • Keep an Eye Out: Assign a responsible adult to supervise the bouncing fun and make sure everyone plays safely.

  • Watch the Crowd: Stick to the recommended capacity limit to avoid overcrowding and ensure everyone has enough space to bounce around freely.

  • No Sharp Objects: Before jumping in, remind everyone to remove shoes, jewelry, bobby pins, and anything else that could cause punctures or injuries.

  • Enter and Exit Safely: Teach kids to enter and exit the bounce house one at a time through the designated spots to avoid collisions and keep the fun flowing smoothly.

  • Check the Weather: Safety first! We will always check the weather first, but we all know sudden weather changes are possible! If the weather rapidly begins acting up – think strong winds, rain, or lightning – it's best to keep the bounce house indoors to avoid any mishaps. Always shut it down until it's safe to turn back on.

  • Size Matters: Stick to the age and size restrictions to keep everyone safe and ensure the bounce house can handle the excitement without any issues.

  • Stay Grounded: Make sure the bounce house stays securely anchored to the ground where your delivery crew set up at to prevent any unexpected tumbles or wobbles – safety first, always!

  • If you need other party accessories for your event like Tables & Chairs, Tents, or Accessories, we have you covered!